I created this project to answer design challenge by a robotic consulting company. They asked me to create a web-based remote driverless car interface, including the wireframes and user flows/journeys. This challenge is quite interesting for me because I had never worked on or figure it out someday will work on this futuristic project. Besides that I also only had 3 days to make it done.

Research Phase

Need prototype version? Click this link to see the prototype version


Journaling is an activity that require you to write down your thoughts about experienced moment or expressing a personal idea with the aim of eliminating anxiety, clearing thoughts or releasing emotions. When you get overwhelmed by some accidents or many things to do, you will feel like confuse, worried, ashamed, anxiety and easy to irritate. Therefore, journaling can be an alternative medicine.

Beside that journaling also could be risky such as red by unwanted people and because journaling commonly uses traditional printed books, there is a risk of losing…


Adapted from its official website, NLEC is a multinational company based in Japan that provides Japanese language learning programs for Indonesians. Currently, it is known that NLEC has opened 2 branches in Jakarta and Bandung plus opened an online learning services during pandemic time.

The company have growing numbers of students from year to year according to their site, therefore it is very important for NLEC to prepare digital presence to the public to boost their publicity or electability. …


Partograf digital is an application for monitoring maternal and foetal wellbeing during the active phase of labor according to WHO. The partograph itself is one of the labor monitoring instruments which midwives usually fill out in printed form.

In general, a midwife will fill out the form when checking a pregnant, however, many midwives fill out a partograph after the patient has given birth. As a result, the midwife will find it difficult to detect the risk of complicating factors in the womb and it will be fatal for patient due to late treatment. …

maulana ilham

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